1. Paralegal Services
    Format and prep trial exhibit binders, bench binders, trial subpoenas, witness and exhibits lists, jury instructions, verdict forms, and transcripts, motion drafting and evidentiary hearing support
  2. Trial Technician
    AKA Hot Seat Operator. In-trial technologist, courtroom setup, software operator, courtroom presenter, exhibit tracking, arbitration presentations, evidentiary proceedings, admin/agency hearings
  3. Electronic Presentations
    Electronic exhibit prep, video depo editing, syncing, and designations, PowerPoint creation, preparation of demonstrative images and videos, drafting of opening and closing statements
  4. Graphics Consulting
    Strategy sessions for effective courtroom presentation, electronic presentation creation, graphics drafting, blow-ups, trial and display boards
  5. Trial Logistics & Prep
    On-site and remote availability. Coordination with courtroom staff, court reporters, caterers, war room venues/set-up, and third-party vendors
  6. After-hour Trial Support
    Witness and exhibit list maintenance, trial witness notification and coordination, courtroom and war room maintenance, trial exhibit loading, video designations, witness exam prep
    Summa Consulting Group
Trial Technician, Paralegal & Consulting Services 
Summa Consulting Group can work with you from inception of the case through the complex discovery process, all the way to trial preparation and hot-seat operation.  Our team provides customized services to meet each client's needs and working preferences. As seasoned veterans in the legal industry, Summa provides a comprehensive suite of collaborative trial support to help legal teams prepare for and succeed at trial.  Preparation is the key to success, and success in the courtroom is no different.  Partnering with Summa Consulting Group ensures a modern, seamless approach for legal teams to integrate case management, digital presentation and technical prowess.  

Our objective is to present every case efficiently, effectively and in a visually compelling manner.  This allows trial teams to focus on their expertise and manage the case without technology concerns.  Research has shown that the vast majority of jurors are visual learners, both through electronic and physical display means.  To be successful in the courtroom, trial teams must sway decision-makers from the start with argument and presentation.  Today's fact finders expect evidence to be properly presented maximizing efficiency and impact.  Teaming up with our seasoned trial consultants will allow collaborative preparation so we may drive home points with cutting edge presentations.  Summa Consulting Group utilizes high-tech litigation programs to produce effective, impactful electronic presentations as well as static demonstrative aids.    

Summa Consulting Group applies interactive trial presentation technology to persuasively and powerfully present evidence to assist our clients in victory.  Our highly trained trial consultants are available to display evidence and deposition testimony on-the-fly, make call-outs and provide all around in-trial tech and paralegal support.  Summa Consulting Group will be onsite during your proceedings to ensure effective presentation, and will also be available after-hours for multi-day trials.  Partnering with us will provide a peace of mind you won't find elsewhere.  With our experienced trial paralegals attending to your case and technical needs, the entire trial team will feel supported and enabled for success.    

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